I need advice: Should I try talking to this guy again?

So I really started to like this guy and we hung out and had a great night a few weeks ago. We didn't see eachother for 3 weeks before that because of Christmas break. Anyways we usually would have sex, sleepover at his place, cuddle, drink with his friends or whatever. The next weekend or so, he invited me to go out to eat with his friends and completely acted like I wasn't anything to him. It was really awkward, he didn't pay for me and he just acted like I was just some random girl he doesn't know that whole night. I got MAD and told my friend I saw later that night at a show, and she happens to be friends with his roommate. Later that night, he texted me asking if everything was alright. I KNOW that he knows I was upset. I didn't say anything about it though, and acted nonchalant and stopped texting him back. I haven't texted him at all since. And I saw him at school and it was a little awkward.

Now I'm lonely on a Saturday night, wanting him to talk to me. But I feel like I'm the reason he won't text me anymore. He knows I have been giving him the cold shoulder.. but part of me wants him to just text me and say he's sorry. What should I do? Just continue to move on?

I miss him a lot.


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  • As much as I hate admitting this, you shouldn't have sex with a guy before your in a relationship or you'll probably never get in a real one. It devalues you.


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