What is the problem here?

since i was in school, i'm kinda into white girls, but i'm Asian and i've only dated Asian girls so far.. i'm cool with it, they were very beautiful, they made me very happy, but i mean, the first crush i had was a white girl, and i still think the most beautiful women i've ever seen were white.
I think i'm fated to date only Asian girls, much because of my social circle, and probably i'm not atractive to them..
so.. what do you guys think? have anyone been through this?


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  • I know plenty of Asian guys and girls that are in relationships with another race and some of the couples I admire. At the end of the day its not about the color of the skin but about the connection you have with them. I doubt that you are fated to date only Asian girls but you have to find the girl that is right for you so I would look for other traits other than there physical appearance. I'm sure there are plenty girls out there that have many thing in common with you and would be lucky to have you.

    • i've mentioned the skin, but i mean all the "white/european girl stereotype", you know.
      As i said.. i've dated incredible girls, who were very caring and good for me, and i was happy.. but i dont know.. it's weird to explain.
      Probably you're right, i'm being too superficial..

  • Well I'm into Asian guys but I don't know if they are into me xD

    • haha, i forgot to say that i don't look like a kpop star or something xD

    • Haha it's ok, It doesn't matter I still think Asians are good looking

    • they probably think the same of you :)

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