How can I boost my self-esteem?

I really liked a guy I met at uni for about a year then when he found out we went on a couple of dates and he started manipulating, humiliating and abusing me for the next couple of months until I cut off contact. It still really hurts and I'm having trouble picking my self back up again. I've lost a few friends since then so I don't have anyone close to talk to. Please can someone give me some tips?

UPDATE: the last time I saw him was just before Christmas
UPDATE: This isn't the first time I've been rejected
UPDATE: I probably should have said I didn't cut off contact, he just got bored with me


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  • Look yourself in the mirror every morning, say 5 things good about yourself (big or small, just find them), and then focus on them, repeat the next morning (repeat as many days as needed). Try finding new things each time.


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