Feeling left out of comversations?

Whenever I'm around my bf and his mom I feel like the 3rd wheel as weird as that sounds. They talk and talk and don't even include me in the convo. Like his mom will ask stuff all about him and not show any interest in my life. We have been dating for 4 years and I'm around a lot so she should feel comfortable with me by now. It hurts my feelings that my bf doesn't even seem to notice. Whenever we are around my parents they make it a point to ask him about his life and show an interest in his life. I always thought it was considered rude to leave someone out of a convo especially considering there are only 3 people. Should I tell my bf how it makes me feel? I'm assuming yes since we been together so long that I should feel OK with bringing up any issue with him. How should I approach it though?


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  • You should definitely bring it up to him, that shouldn't even be up for discussion! I feel like you should first start off by asking him if his moms okay with you guys and your relationship. If he asks why, let him know how you feel and make sure you mention that its both him and his mother that make you feel this way so it doesn't make you look like the stereotypical girlfriend who attacks their boyfriends mom. Be honest and just let him know that you feel like a wall and if he can to just try to get you more involved in him and his moms conversations. Hope this helps, and goodluck :)