Am I overreacting to this?

My boyfriend had an exam Friday and when I asked about hanging out on Thursday so said I don't know maybe I can't see you I'm thinking he just meant he couldn't see me Thursday cause when I asked why thats when he told me about his exam on Friday and that he knows himself he would be distracted if I was around and he had to study for his exam so I said ok basically and since he was in traffic going home and said he couldn't talk that he had to focus on driving so I asked if I could just call him back in half an hour to an hour if he thought he would be home by then he said I hope so and yes ok that would be fine if I called him then so I called in half an hour he hit ignore and I sent a text saying what? to him he said he was busy talking to someone so I said ok and tried again at 6 to give him time to talk to them no answer so I tried a couple times before I got ready for bed no answer I thought he was asleep or studying maybe so I tried once more to see before I went to bed and it went straight to voicemail without ringing I thought he turned it off so he could sleep or study but its been three days now and today I called he's able to get new voicemails again but before his voicemail was full and I ran into one of his friends the other night they said my boyfriend told him he was going to Seattle and would come back Sunday (tomorrow) he's phones going straight to voicemail again I think its because he's phone doesn't work in Seattle so I guess my question is am I overreacting? should I just wait till he's back from Seattle tomorrow and he will probably contact me? Please could really use the advice I don't mind if he goes to Seattle or anywhere but I told him after he left without saying anything for a week mind you that was an emergency with his mom and he didn't know he's phone wouldn't work there that I do worry and that I understood he's emergency so I wasn't mad just that next time he goes to Vancouver Seattle or anywhere far for a long time could he simply

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Call or text me to let me know he has been really good about telling me since then when he's planning a trip like that honestly I don't mind if he's taking a trip I just don't like feeling this way.



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  • Did he tell you that he was going to Seattle?

    • No I found out from his friend

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    • Np. Self respect is important don't let yourself get treated like that.

    • Yeah true enough if his friends can be honest with me about it so can he

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