Am I over thinking everything right now?

Me and this guy went on a date and what I gathered was that everything went great! He even asked me on the ride home from our first date if he could come workout with me super early in the morning.

He was a no show. I know that he is working a turnaround and he is on nights. So I get that he is tired. Well, I texted him since then and everything I said, he ignored. So I was thinking that I did something wrong.

I finally worked up the courage tonight and said "Look, I don't want to be a bother. But if you don't want to talk to me, I'd prefer you just tell me that." His response was, "I would tell you that. I've been backed up with work. I'm not trying to ignore you."

I know he's busy with work. And when he's home during the day, he sleeps and has his daughter. But, why would you make plans knowing you're busy and more than likely won't make it? I feel so confused. Do I just need to be patient? Because I feel like by me sending him that text, that was a way out for him if he wanted to take it, but he didn't. He just told me he's busy and not trying to ignore me. What do I need to do from here?


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  • I never understood why people couldn't take a second out of the day to respond to a simple text no one is THAT busy. I would wait a bit but he may just be blowing you off. move on

    • But I just gave him an out if he wanted out and he didn't take it! and he's a super honest guy. So I know he would straight up tell me if he wasn't interested. But I know he's working nights (7-12's) for at least the next two weeks. So I get being busy. And tired and having a kid to take care of in between. So I don't wanna come across as some crazy ass. But I'm so confused!

    • i would just move on this guy is clearly too busy to hang and may just be an ass

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  • He's not worth your time. If he was very interested you wouldn't have to be questioning his behavior, you would know.

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