What should I do? Should I give up? Can someone help me understand?

My girlfriend recently called me a while back and said "I am not interested in a relationship, but i still love you". Initially i called bullshit. Until, we saw each other. We haven't been with each other in a month in a half cause of school. I saw her twice in the past week and the length was short. But during that time, she held my hand and we even kissed each other. She told that she told her frriend that we broke up. I recently just asked what am i to her. She said "You are special,... someone i plan on marrying. I can see myself with you in some point in the future. i dont want anone else. You are my best friend. more than an companion." In my head i was saying "Friends with benefits?" lol

I am very confused... i want to cut all contact, but i know that i will regret that decision. I want to stay but i feel like i might be used.

What would you do?
Should i tell her that i dont like how she labels up a break up? when we still kiss and do eveything that we used to do... when we see each other...
Update : well she is my ex... i guess


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  • i dont understand if she loves you and wants to marry you why does she want to leave you? , maybe she wants sometime by herself , and definitely will come back to you

    • me either... this girl is confusing... but one thing i know is that she is honest. She will always be upfront with her feelings. Things changed when we were away, i feel distance is a roadblock. The moment we see each other, we hold hands and i touch her in the leg and put my arm around her. She doesn't mind, in fact she loves it... so I don't know

    • i think she loves you , maybe she only needs sometime by herself , i know it is hard to stay away but maybe you can make her choose saying " i can't go long like we either get back or i will consider myself free to date ", most probably she will get so jealous and want to get back to prevent you from being with someone else?

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  • Are you her first boyfriend? Maybe she wants to play the field before commiting... just a guess. I think you should cut contact unless you want to sit on the sideline until she decides to come back (if she comes back)

    • i was her boyfriend after 3 years of a break up she had. She really doesn't like people in general... I dont know whats going on...

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  • She probably does want to be with you but not right now because she either doesn't feel ready or feels like she needs to change first.

    Do you still love her? If you do, don't drop her. If you don't, do her and yourself a favor and cut off contact with her so she won't be lead on.

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