It frightens me?

Me and my ex were together 8 years and have been split up about 8 months, he has recently got in touch with me and asked if we can make another go of things cause he wants a future with me. I'm just scared that if we get back it will all go wrong.

Please can some people give me some advise?

He was seeing someone for a short while I'm just scared I would never be able to forgive him for that and keep on bringing her up which would effect our relationship.

Anybody experienced similar situation? I could do with your help.


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  • I want nothing more than for my ex to come back after 9 years together and almost 8 broken up but...i am the type that can't let things go and if you are anything like me the fact that he was with someone else will eat you up and make you miserable...also if he came back it may be like walking on egg may not know where that line is anymore and whether or not you are about to cross it and end up alone again...if you wake one morning and he wants 3 eggs for breakfast and you only have 2, are you gonna run out and get that 3rd egg to please him or are you gonna make the 2 eggs hoping that that is sufficient enough and he won't leave...i know that is a lame example of where the "line" may or may not be crossed but in your mind you may be too afraid that you may cross that line at any moment and end up back at square one and hurt all over again...i do think it is possible that people can overcome whatever has happened during the break up and successfully get back together, I don't know anyone personally that ever has but I'm sure it has...

    I just listened to a Travis Tritt song "Here's a quarter call someone who cares" and there is a line in it that says "you decided to run, and that can't be undone"...and that my friend is how I am trying to see it now days...he left me and no matter what he can't take that back...i don't know how similar our situations are but he left me and then 3 months later was in a relationship with a co-worker of ours and they are still going strong 5 months if he ever did want to come back I'm sure I would probably take him back because even after 8 months I would probably do anything to make this hurt stop but I don't think I could personally get over the fact that he left me and then had a relationship with someone else...a fling I maybe could forget but an actual relationship where feelings were involved is too much to handle...i doubt I will ever get the opportunity to tell him "here's a quarter call someone who cares" or if I even would if I did get that chance but deep down I know that for me it may work in the short term if he came back because then I would have what I've been waiting on for all these months but soon after the "red" would be off the candy and the hurt and anger of what he has done would destroy us...

    What ever your decision is good luck with it...and keep us posted.

    • Yeh extremely similar circumstances. My ex got with someone 3 months later. I think he is really confused at the moment cause he's saying that he can't see a future without me and the more he pushes me away the more he wants me but still hasn't done anything really about it. I mean he e -mails me but nothing else and he has told me he is still in a realtionship with this girl but its not working for them. Surely if you really really wanted something you would drop everything else and come back