How do you get over someone that no one can compare to?

We never dated but he meant a lot to me, and we no longer talk and I'm over it. But the thing is from time to time I think of him because deep deep down I know I will always like him. I just feel like no one could compare to him or haven't found someone better. I liked this person since I was 12. But how do I get over this person for sure? Or how do I know if we're meant to be but aren't together?

I don't know... this just has always bothered me. And a couple months ago I saw him (he hates me for an unknown reason and avoids talking to me.. we use to be good friends) he just looked at me for a long time from a distance. And looked away but looked down then away. He didn't bother to look at me again. And we didn't speak or anything.


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  • What you are feeling is very normal, and happens after most breakups. But you soon realize, when you meet other people there are just as good men out there-if not, better!