Silly question, but would a guy who isn't serious about a woman say this?

This guy I just started seeing was at a wedding just now and he was texting me what was going on, how things were over there. He mentioned that he caught the garter and that there's a saying that who ever catches it is next to get married. Anyways, after the wedding he was telling me how he got on with his grandparents this time around (which is great and I said so). he then texted back, "I'll show you my family someday in person :)"

Now. The here's the thing. The guy is great. We clicked right away and I haven't felt so comfortable about being myself with another person, aside from my parents. We both agree its weird how it feels like we've known each other for a long time when really we have just met. I really don't know if this is something guys will say nonchalantly or if this is something that they say if they're serious about a woman?


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  • Not all guys are the same! I've had friends to say similar things to girls. All I can say is that he must think you're a great girl. One to take home to the family. Don't start thinking too hard about it and ruin your comfort though. If you really like him, take it as a plus - he doesn't have plans of keeping you a secret?

    • He's already introduced me to his best friend and he other friends want to meet me... so i dont think he wants to keep me a secret at least from them but his family is in a different state as me.

    • Well, maybe he's really into you, and plans to be serious with you, without moving too fast, hence the "someday." Maybe he said it a little too early for you? Either way I wouldn't stress over it. That day has to come sooner or later.

    • Thanks.

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  • Its means he digs you if I didn't like a girl I wouldn't bother showing her to my peoples.


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  • I think he really likes you! He probably got caught up in the wedding atmosphere and that made him a) think about getting married, possibly to you and b) realize that he wants you to meet his fam. So don't question it - he's serious about ya! Bring it up one day when you're alone together and remind him that you'd love to meet his folks one day. Let him know that you're feeling the same things he is!