What's up with the dating boxes?

How can I find my swag with dating? I am a woman who doesn't fit into any box. Which is a good thing when I'm maneuvering in the world but with dating its left me totally in a weird position. It seems like guys date in a box though. It seems like men either like a woman who is dainty and prissy or they like them ghetto. I'm neither. They like them slender or they like them fat ass hell, I'm neither. I don't have kids and I don't want to have kids either. I love traveling a lot but not just to party but to inhale the experience of different cultures, seems like most guys find that weird and feel I should be the type to stay put. I'm ambitious and I want to be successful in life, which most guys think is a plus but then they get intimidated. I'm a natural hair girl (black people know what i'm talkin about) but for guys who like natural girls; I'm not afro centric enough. I grew up with the United Nations as my friends so even though I am pro black, I am pro love of all people. To some in my race they don't think I'm being black enough. Then, for the other half who hate being black, I'm not "valley girl" enough. Then I love nerds, I'm a nerd though I'm not packaged like one but because my packaging is flawed, I'm not nerdy enough for other nerds. I can't force myself into anyone's box and to be honest I'm not going to try either. Am I doomed a lonely life?


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  • It sounds like you're an awesome lady with a lot of things going for you. Maybe guys feel intimidated since you've got so much to live up to? I say keep rocking you and a guy cool enough for you will come along eventually. Don't fold for others limited perceptions.