My "Man" will never defend me when I need him the most~ Does this meen he doesn't value me anymore?

Ok, so I've been with this guy (father of my child) for five years. (on and off the past two) Anyways, There have been a few instances when i needed him to have my back and defend me, and hasn't . pretty much every time actually. Like his mom is sooo passive aggressive and ALWAYS makes really judgmental comments to me in front of him and he's never told her to leave me alone once! And i mean Constant, the woman never stops. And another time where his sister was getting a divorce so she moved in with us and was SUPER edgy, (which is understandable) but she started being very disrespectful towards me telling me i can't give my OWN dog stuffed animals to chew on , well ofcourse I wasn't going to let her tell me what i could and couldnt do with my dog, so i gave her some stuffed animals to chew on and she threw them in the trash! All this was right in front of my bf. Then i went in her room to throw her slippers in the trash and finally he said something... TO ME! told me to stop. stuck up for his sister all the way when she was the one out of line. So through those experiences i figured thats just how he was with his family. So the other night my neighbors dog was barking forever and it woke me up so i went and asked her to make it be quiet. Long story short, we ended up arguing and my bf came down to see what was going on, while we were arguing about the dog, she totally changed the subject ( and i just had a mole removed from my face) so she said, "your so ugly, it looks like you have herpes all over your face, i bet your man dont like looking at your dusty ass" and she had like three of her friends there defending her honor there as well. But, after she said that fucked up shit, he was standing right next to me and said NOTHING! It was like he was confirming what she said by not saying anything. I feel so unloved, and like he doesn't value me. It broke my heart he just heard someone be so mean to me and say nothing in behalf. I told him it hurt me and he thinks its pety


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  • you can do better than him, he doesn't value u


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  • He sounds like a mama's boy In a way... overall he obviously doesn't value as well as he does his family which isn't necessarily a bad thing to value your family but the fact that he's not even putting you anywhere close to being a priority is a bad sign.
    If this is that important to you I suggest you move on and find another guy.


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  • He could just be a complete coward... Talk to him about it, it is no good complaining to random people on the Internet about it.

  • Find someone else darling. He isn't worth it from the sounds of it. No one deserves that.