GIRLS... would you risk friendship for love?

My best friend (guy) has been sending me hints of his huge crush on me for about a year but we have known each other for 4 years and during that time he's always given me comfort when im upset or stressed and made me luagh at the worst moments...
but do i take the risk of forgetting our friendship or not? (I do feel attraction not sexually but mainly emotionaly)


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  • I would say go for it, the worst thing that could happen is him saying no. When you to are home, you could call him and ask him if you could visit him. If he says yes, buy him flowers, they don't need to be expensive, when you're the hold them behind your back, when you get in, ask him immediately! When I say immediately I mean don't even let him show you the way to his room, just as soon as you get like 4 meters in DO IT, there's quite a big chance he would say yes. Now I'm in love with this girl, but if another girl did this to me, I would say yes. Hope this helps. Good luck sweetheart :3

    • Oh god... just realized how many typos there are :/

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  • This is a fucked up situation.
    Happened to me 2 times.
    The first time, was with my best friend (guy). I felt attracted emotionally but not physically. Still some things happened between us, but I knew it wouldn't work, so I explain that to him and ended up losing his friendship.
    The second time was also with other best friend (guy). Again, I felt emotional attraction, but not physical attraction for him. As I had already experienced this situation before, I didn't gave him a chance. After some time I ended up falling in love with my actual boyfriend. My best friend couldn't accept it (because he liked me for a very long time) so I ended losing his friendship too. :/

    Still, I would say you should go for it if you feel you are able to be in a relationship him. BUT, If you can't imagine yourself being in relationship with him and kissing him, then it is because you should not try. You have, at least to be able to imagine that.
    Good luck ^-^

  • I dated my best friend! It didn't go well, we broke up, and now we're best friends but it isn't the same because he likes me still!

    • sorry... why did you brake up:/

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    • im not bold enough to just say to him 'hey do you want to go out with me?'

    • Ah, that was always my problem too😬

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