I'm nervous... do you think sending him a text in this form was good? I sent it 15 min ago while he's sleep... guys?

Well I am a little nervous. Me and this guy have been seeing each other for 6 months. Things were moving too fast in the beginning so we decided to slow things down. Plus he was not happy where he was in life. He is shy when it comes to opening up but he's not afraid to let me know if he is not happy about something. Im bad at opening up. Lately we have been doing things that couples normally do and he has been on a good mood. We haven't made it official. He has told me that his family asked about me, he takes me out to eat, and go to church with me. No matter what his schedule is like he always makes time yo come see me. Well because I'm bad at expressing my feelings verbally I sent him a text. I think it's just enough to get a response from him. It reads 'Up a little early... been praying and thinking especially since fasting. I don't want to lose you. I want to grow with you.' What do you think? If a women you like sent this and you are about to go to school to build a life, how would you feel? Do you think this is too early to consider a relationship?


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  • Thats good... at least he knows u are serious about him

    • I'm nervous. I have never done anything like that

    • Its okay... relax... have more confident in urself okay? U'll be just fine