I don't know what my passion is?

I'm good at drawing/sketching but that is not a ''career''. I'm good at creating, but i don't what my passion is. im extremely distressed by this because if i don't know what my passion, i might die! i hate working at a 9-5, one thing i do remember is that i Always used to draw dresses everyday since i was like 8 years old and i still do till this day, but i HATE the fashion industry and Retail, i HATE IT. What should i do?


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  • Sometimes it takes forever to decide.
    Personally, I wish horses could be my career. That's my passion, but training/ riding for people doesn't pay. So I do it, but more just for the love.
    But, I also have always lover nutrition. Its fascinating. Thus, I'm becoming a dietitian. And that'll be enough salary for me to do what I love.

    You have to factor it all. in. what would you like to study? And would it make you enough money/give you time to also do what you love on the side?


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  • Keep growing. Some people don't find their passion until they are 60. Sorry, there's no guarantee you find it when you're young and many just don't. The more you do explore the greater the odds of stumbling across it.


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