Thoughs on a girl going silent after what seemed like a positive time out together?

I haven't heard anything from this girl in like a month , the last time I saw her was Friday rate after new years. I saw her at local pub and things went well I though and she seemed to enjoy spending time with me and we talked and such. I've had her on Twitter for a little bit and tried to reach her online but no response and she hasn't even posted anything in a couple weeks either. I also tried to text her twice but no response and haven't seen her at any bars since then either.

I'm not exactly sure why she went silent but might of had something to do with that night ( she is also back at college in city an hour away and not at home ) , town is sort of a rumor mill and maybe there was rumors about us after that night. there was also a couple jealous girls who saw us together and they know her and I worry one of them might of said something to her to scare her away?
but I'm confused why she went silent and losing hope of hearing from her anytime soon? and not sure what I can do at this point


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  • There's two explanations. One, she's going through some sort of crisis, since she hasn't been out or posting to social media lately. Two, she lost interest in you for whatever reason (rumors, possibility of a somewhat LDR). I say wait a week or two and try contacting her again. If she doesn't respond, I say forget about her and move on. Hope that helps! Would you please look at mine? Thanks!

    • possible but whats the crisis? she's only taking a dental program and seems to be all there mentally and such? unless I'm the problem girls seem to take relationships more seriously this time of year. I also agree its possible she lost interest or upset at me for some reason.

    • Maybe it's a family crisis, something she's uncomfortable talking about.

    • anything Is possible being that she's back at school it worries me that she might have found the wrong crowd and got into drinking or partying more than she was before. and that might be why she isn't available cause she's like out drunk or getting drunk or something along that line , a lot of girls her age are doing things like that

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