Are girls/women able to be highly-intelligent and family-based simultaneously? And do you like this type?

My ideal type of girlfriend/wife is Ivy League-educated, Investment Bank-working (not necessarily I've League and Investment Bank, but I think you can get my point), while respecting traditional family values.
Do you think it is possible to be such a mixture?
And do you like this type?

  • It is possible, and I like it.
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  • It is possible, but I do not like it.
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  • It is not possible, but I like it.
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  • Of course it's possible. Just as long as you as the man understand that traditional values and a traditional lifestyle are not the same.


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  • Of course it is, and it's the most desirable scenario of all. Most men I know will not settle for anything less.

    • Really? I heard many men like the submissive girls, who are quite subordinate and obedient to them.

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    • Yeah, that's not my cup of tea. I would not be happy in a relationship like that. My wife and I are both well educated and she is very smart and has a good job, but I am dominant and she is submissive. We both treat each other respectfully but there is never any question about the dynamics of our relationship and it's what we both want.

      When we have kids she will quit working and stay home to tend the kids and the home, then go back to work when they are in their teens. It's what we both have always wanted. I am lucky but there are plenty of great women like her today. More and more men are realizing they don't have to settle for anything less.

    • Thank for MH. And good luck to you. May you find yourself a real woman.

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  • Hey that's almost me.


What Guys Said 2

  • Yes I like this type and I want a girl having these qualities, but one more condition is that she should not be bored by a technical and scientific conversation.

  • Absolutely, and absolutely.

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