GIrls, 18-24 range, if a guy was bald or had a shaved head at your age could/would you still find him attractive and give him a shot at dating?

My son is 19, and over the course of a year his hair got very thin uptop, yes he suffered from premature balding so he just shaved his head to the skin. Now he is very worried about what girls will think, he says its the end of the line for him given his high standards. (I should also point out he is incredibly stubborn and his standards I doubt would change if the lord himself wanted them to) I can understand how looks do factor in to something more but I'm going to be honest and admit they do matter to him. so I really want to prove to him that girls really won't care that much... that being said be honest, I don't want to to tell him its fine if its just from people who felt sympathy, so ladies 18-24 do you find guys who shave their heads attractive, and would you give one a shot or will he be at a disadvantage compared to all the guys with hair when it comes to 'getting an attractive girl' like he likes to say.

  • Yes, shaved head can be attractive or isn't a turn off, it wouldn't be a dealbreaker
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  • he will be at a disadvantage and it would be tough to get past
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  • When my mom was 26 she started dating my step dad who is one or two years younger as well and he started balding prematurely too... his hard was almost non-existant on the top... he didn't take it all off he just keeps what he has left neat. Never stopped my mom. :) And my dad who isn't so young now (39) is bald due to cancer and he had no trouble with the ladies in the last 3 years. (I realize he is older than you said but oh well). So although I am younger than what you asked for I personally do not think he is too young. There is going to be someone out there for every one. And to keep it so what you asked age wise is true I didn't answer the poll.


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  • The personality is what makes the person beautiful! (*˘︶˘*)

  • Sigh, the days of Yul Brynner gone
    but still plenty of other bald dudes, even his age whose posters can be purchased & pinned to wall as example of what us crazy women love