Being in a LDR with a footballer how stressful can it get?

So, i and the other half is in a long distance relationship.. Its still kind of a starter up for us because neither of us has ever been in any serious relationship before..
To be fair to him, i know he tries his best texting me at every little opportunity he gets to let me know how its going, the thing is i still feel neglected and i can't even voice out my complaints coz he tried to warn me about what i'll be getting into before we started dating..
He let me know how tiring and stressful it is already when he was single and didn't want to get me involved in all that..
The truth is i'm so madly and passionately inlove with him but i can't tell him that either..
Its a confusing state for me seriously coz i can't let him know how much i love am afraid of being taken for granted..
He sometimes sees it as though i don't love him and just needs my space and he does exactly that to make me happy..
Argh i can't even put my feelings down in writting i just wanna ask..
How do i let him know i love him and need his attention without coming of as being clingy or immature or adding to his already stressful life?


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  • Ldr never works out so don't get your hopes up

    • Whoa! That was blunt..