Be carefull girls ! Our pride & ego can be pretty sensitive most of the time?

So me and this girl were good friends for 6 months now , Im interested in her and I always get the feeling that she's a bit interested in me too , everything is fine between us until last week when she yelled at me because she thought I touched her ass on purpose ( her friend who did it ) , I remained silent then her friend told her that it wasn't me , she turn around to me and apologized and i ignored her ( she was on her period on this time ) , now I pretend that i don't notice her she always want to talk with me but i ignore her all of this because of my pride ( i feel bad about it and want to forget it but I can't because of my ego ) so girls never EVER yell at a guy you like or say anything stupid ( even when you don't mean it ) OUR ego and pride are pretty sensitive and I know a lot of my friends who broke up with their GFs because of similar situations


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  • Dude she made a mistake, get over it. It isn't even a big mistake.