Can he just be busy, or is he no interested now that I showed I was?

Why would a guy show so much interest and work so hard to get my no. The same day we start texting, saying we might see each other as we were both out, he texts asking if I'm still out i tell him I am and that he should to let me know what's going on, he just doesn't text and didn't since

I told him which bar I was at, and he said he went home for a bit but will probably go out again late and he put a winky face than I said "cool, let me know whats going on:)" and that was it.. It was Friday night..


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  • Did you let him know what you were doing? If not, that's why. It's your turn to text him.

    • I accidentally put my reply as an update..
      If you care to read it, please.

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    • We work together on Fridays..

    • It's hard to say. It's only been two days, so maybe he'll contact you tomorrow or the next day, or maybe he plans on speaking to you at work.

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  • If he said sorry I'm busy and didn't offer an alternative time then he doesn't want it but if he was like "Awh I can't! But can you do something tomorrow?"


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