We just broke up, so why does he keep looking at my Snapchat stories?

We broke up a couple days ago because he said his feelings were no longer in it and that he had met someone else. He also asked that I delete his number and said he would delete mine. Needless to say I was crushed.
The next night I went out with my best friend and posted some stuff to my story. I found that he had not deleted me and had looked at everything I posted. I felt weird about that and ended up deleting it all. He's been viewing my stuff over the last couple days, and I don't understand why. He made it very clear that he didn't want any contact with me. The breakup wasn't messy nor did we say any hurtful things, but still, no contact. We didn't have a bad relationship either. I'm just confused as to why he kept me on Snapchat. I'm wondering if he even deleted my number. I deleted his.


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  • Someone is jealous

    • Do you mean he's jealous?

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    • Because guys are stupid. Lol

      "You dont what you lose til its gone"

    • Oh, I see. Thanks. 😊

  • Wait wait wait... people can see who goes over their snap chats?