What does it mean when we're doing this but he's doing that?

This guy and I have known each other for nearly three years. We met over a social media site. I was only 17 at the time and didn't have my license so we wouldn't hang out because I didn't want him to drive nearly 2 hours then have to taxi me around. We finally reconnected after not talking to each other for a long time. We hung out and went on a date to the movies and now he invited me to go spend the weekend with him and his friend nearly 3 hours away. Before this trio he said that he wasn't really looking for a relationship but if some one special did come up, that would be a game changer. That's exactly how I felt as well and now he is something special. I jokingly called him my boyfriend and he remarked by calling me girlfriend. Over the weekend I continued with that jokingly and he never said to stop. We're kissing, holding hands and holding each other in public. He says he likes me as well, but I'm the type of girl who likes to know what someone's intentions are so that I don't waste my time. What should I do in this situation?


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  • speak up and let him know ur wondering and tell him ur the type that need to know intentions. be yourself and dont be uncommunicative


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