I like this girl, but she doesn't want to date in high school. What do I do?

Over the last few months I have really gotten close to this girl. We are both seniors in high school and we both like each other but she has been through a couple of bad relationships and after the last one she promised herself not to date anyone else until she went to college. Now I want her to keep that promise and be happy but I don't want to lose her as we are going to different colleges, so there is my problem, can anyone please help?


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  • Well, what's the point of pursuing a relationship Senior Year? I mean, you guys will most likely break up BECAUSE you are going to different colleges. Honestly, I would let this girl just be a close friend and try to get her to date you. You can still sort of act like a couple. I mean, you can go on dates, but they'll be "friend" dates, haha. Just hang out with her as a friend.


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