Feel like I'm going to be left disappointed yet again on valentines day this year?

I haven't had a lot of luck on Valentine's day in recent years and worry this year is going to be more of the same. maybe I'm not going about it right or not doing the right things. Valentine's day just doesn't seem to be a day I really understand or get to ever experience the way I'd like. and although I've meet a lot of girls in real life I don't seem to be able to date many of them.

anyways I don't know if I should be more aggressive around this time of year and try and find a girl equally disappointed at being single. or if the whole holiday is overrated anyways and that I'd enjoy being with someone just as much any other day of the year


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  • I think you shouldn't try to find a girl who's "equally disappointed at being single" because both of you would just date for the sake of dating, not because you truly like each other. I don't think the holiday is overrated, and that you would enjoy being in a relationship more on that day, but I think that your happy Valentine's Day will happen when it's meant to happen, when you find that true special someone. Hope that helps! Would you please look at mine? Thanks! www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1312996-was-it-more-about-me-or-the-parents

    • I guess but it might be easier to find someone to date if they were somewhat easier to date this time of year than normal. I'm the kind of guy who would enjoy being with a girl anytime of year so if it doesn't happen in 2 weeks i'll just keep trying and maybe it happen sometime down the road

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