Why have I never been asked out on a date?

So I am almost 20 and I have never been asked out on a date before. I don't think I am a horrible person. I have been told that I am very real and smart person but I have to learn to just go along with things more often. And I have also been told that I am attractive. I have had guys flirt with me and kiss me, but I have never been asked out on a date. I have even been asked to be a f*ck buddy, but not even a simple date. I have no clue why this is. I think it might be because I am kind of an intimidating person. I mean I am studying chemical engineering and I am ahead in my major, and I don't really take much bullsh*t.
Does anyone have any thoughts on why? Or any advice on how to fix this?


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  • You don't sound fun. That's probably it, I mean, if you acknowledge that you "don't really take much bullshit" and are "intimidating", it probably means you're a little more on the serious side, which most guys don't like, and people in general dont like. Maybe your pushing them away because I'd imagine you have higher standards.

    I'm not trying to put you down but this is just what it sounds like. You're probably hot and not cute. My advice would be to maybe try and lighten up a little bit and let guys feel comfortable around you. Develop your sense of humour a little maybe.

    Hope this helps.:)

    • I have a sense of humor and I think I am getting better about being approachable. I have a thing with a guy right now and we constantly joke around.

    • That's good. I guess maybe you just seemed that way on the outside to guys, which made you seem unattractive.

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  • Could be lots of things like

    1) you're not attractive enough
    2) you're too attractive
    3) you're too smart
    4) you're too standoffish
    5) you're not outgoing

    Basically it comes down to approachability. If you appear approachable then you'll get approached. If you appear closed off and like you'll bite a guys head off if he comes near you then you won't be approached.

  • You seem like a bright girl. Just go ip an ask a guy. Guys love confidence


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