Should we date?

He's been my best friend since I was born and we have feelings for each other but I'm scared what if we break up. I really like him and I might be in love , he was also my first kiss a few years back. What should I do?


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  • Date him but both of you need to avoid changing your personality just because you both are now dating. Remain the same as you both are now because that is the reason why you both fell for one another.


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  • Should we date? No. I don't know you :P

    But seriously you have to consider your relationship... do you think your friendship is more important than being boyfriend and girlfriend or do you think being boyfriend and girlfriend is way more important than your friendship?
    Also you need to think about the consequences for such a thing if you guys don't end up working out are you to be comfortable enough to remain friends or are you going to be awkward around each other to the point where everything just dies out?

  • date him!
    if he likes you and you like him why not?
    i know its ahrd to date someone you are great friends with but there is a reason why that attraction is there
    It will only destroy your friendship if you let it, i dated my bestfriend when i was 14 and we broke up after 3 months, her and i still talk hangout and ask each other for advice because we broke up on good terms

    good luck!

  • Daww I'm a sap for cute best friend stories like this, you should date him if you think it has a real chance


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