Describe your ideal women?

he guys just curious. whats your ideal women? looks , personality , exc. ? :)


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  • Blonde , blue eyes, big boobs, nice legs, 5'4", great laugh, very nice, great with kids... Oh yeah, I married her, lol.


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  • Looks:
    Beautiful eyes - I'm not picky about their color, although I have quite a weakness for green eyes
    A beautiful smile
    Long hair - Again I'm not picky about the color of their hair, although I do find blonde & red hair to be particularly attractive
    Shorter than me, even if only by a couple inches (I'm 5'11")
    Weighs less than me (I'm 230 lbs) and is healthy - She doesn't have to be petite or have the body of a model, but it's a turn on to know that she takes care of herself

    That's it for me when it comes to physical appearance. For personality, I want a woman who:
    Is intelligent and is able to hold conversations about deep subjects
    Isn't materialistic nor acts entitled to shit just because of her gender or her status
    Loves kids and wants to be a mother one day
    Knows what she wants to do with her life and strives to succeed
    Has a sense of humor and isn't offended over every little thing
    Has a strong appreciation for fine arts
    Shows kindness to everyone
    Isn't afraid to speak her mind but isn't a bitch about it either

    And that's it :)

    • not too picky. interesting answer.

  • MY ideal women?

    I'm a man so naturally I like boobs and everything on a woman's body but the main thing for me is. Does she have a sweet personality, and does she like children, and would she be willing to have children in the future? I also like for my ideal woman to hear my side of the conversation and not interrupt me as I am trying to tell her what I think. Any woman that likes kids and that is not to Clingy and respect's her man and lets him hang out with his friends with out questioning him 24-7 about were he is going is the perfect woman for me. The woman must be able to get along with the parents to or at least does not embarrass me in front of them.

  • I like 'em objectified and insecure.


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  • BeyoncĂ©?
    Lmao, autocorrect added the little dash to her name instantly.

  • sorry i'm a girl, but i love girls too (i'm not bisexual or anything).
    my ideal woman... mature, mother-like figure, don't talk much~ for their look i don't think that'll be a matter, but if i were a boy, i'll go with a girl who's shorter than me and not act like a child~ but taller girls are cute too~ and she has to have a long hair until her waist which she'll tie them up

  • she is just like Jenifer Lawrence