Girls, have you dated a guy who's in the military?

What was it like? I've never dated a guy who's in the miliary. I'm afraid of LDR's but then again, I can't be the one to talk since as of late, I've been moving around so much (will finally be settling though soon though... hopefully)

I'm talking to this guy I knew in HS. He's in the military. We have chatted through text for a long time -a few years now. I've been out of HS since 2009.
But I'm afraid of an LDR, I'm trying to keep myself as detached as possible.

Should I let him in or chalk it up as a lost cause?

I love how no girls answered. This site sucks


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  • Aw you know I mostly have days free. Is he like that too?


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  • Just have a relaxed/open relationship with him. The best of both worlds. I think we military guys are great, but I may be just a tad biased. ;) haha.

  • Give him a shot if you think he's worth it!


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