MEN... I need some honesty here?

If a girl who you was not interested in told you, "Look, I don't want to be a bother. But if you don't want to talk to me, I'd prefer you just tell me that." If you weren't interested, would you then take that opportunity to tell them that? Or would there still be a possibility that you aren't interested but you don't want to tell them?


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  • If a girl told me they weren't interested in me, I'd feel like I couldn't be friends with the opposite sex... :(

    • Wait what? Lol

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    • I think I did, you refuse to see it

    • Okkkkk...

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  • Yes I'm honest but I'm not too-honest to tell her that I'm not interested. (most probably, unless I hate her too much)

  • That happened two times. In one case i liked the girl, so obviously i said that i't doesn't bother me, but in the other i wasn´t interested, but i couldn't tell her because in that moment i didn´t want to make her feel bad, so i would say that there's still a chance that he isn't telling you...


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