I don't know if I should ask this girl to prom that I haven't talk to in a while?

I'm pushed on time, prom is under 2 months away.
I used to talk to her a good bit but that was a while back, I had a short convo the other day with her but it was nothing really.
I'm a junior and she is a freshman
I've heard she wants to go to prom but I don't know if she'll say yes to me.
I have to ask her within the next 4 days.
I already have her number and snapchat.
What do y'all think? Should I invest my short time that I have asking this girl or should I try to find someone else?
by the way there is hardly anyone else to ask in my grade because I'm in a small private school

I'm not actually 29 I'm 17 I just put something for my age when I made my profile😂


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  • You're a little old to be in high school, aren't you? Go for it. If she says no, at least you tried.

    • Alright thanks! by the way do you know how to change age on a profile?

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    • Where should I ask her? I don't have any classes with her , should I just go up to her in the hallway or find her after school and give her flowers then ask her? And also do you think I should wait and talk to her more then Ask her? or should I just ask her Without talking to her more?

    • Just ask her to meet you somewhere comfortable. When you feel ready, then bring up going to prom.

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