Ladies, Did I screw up any chance of me asking out my crush?


I have a crush on my co-worker and a couple of days ago was her last regular day at work/ her birthday so I decided to surprise her with a birthday cake and coffee. I think That part went well because she told me that "you certainly know what gifts to give a lady" and she showed everyone the cake that I got her.

However, when I was going home I decided to stop by her office and wish her good luck at her new work place but then I started mumbling and stammering all over the place :-/. I seriously couldnt even pronounce the word good luck cause I was so nervous lol.

I apologized to her and said sorry I'm stuttering and she said "aw it's ok, u have a good weekend ok?" Do you think I pretty much lost any chance I ever had of ever asking her out someday?

Thanks :)


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  • If anything she was probably flattered when she saw how nervous you got around her. Definitely ask her out within the next week or two and maybe even try to make a joke of the last encounter you had. Say something like, "How would you like to get dinner sometime? I promise an evening of good conversation, not the nervous stammering from last time!" Make fun of yourself a little and she'll see that you're a smart, good-humoured guy who just got a little nervous. It's not a bad thing that you did - it likely let her know that you really do like her, and as I said I'm sure she was very flattered. Good luck :)


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  • Aw I think she thought you were really sweet! What a nice gift! I think you definitely have a shot with her; if you have her number you should ask her to coffee. Would you look at mine please? Thanks!

  • Not really she probably thought it was cute. It's not like you did anything stupid like grab her ass or anything.


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  • If you have to ask this question, the answer is yes, yes you did. Women generally aren't receptive to guys who stumble like you did. The key is composure and confidence, and once you give that up, it's pretty much over. Chalk this up as another peeve of mine with the opposite sex, but unfortunately it's true in most cases.

    You can try, sure. It'll just get much harder the longer you let this simmer in your brain. Harder in a sense that every action you take is as a result of failing to do it before, not as a result of the desire and confidence to pursue her.

    • That's not true at all! A lot of girls are flattered by guys who get nervous around them. Sure, it's a dead give away that the guy fancies them, but it doesn't mean it's a big turn off in the slightest! I personally think it's a adorable, and I'm certain that most girls would agree with me.

    • My experience tells me otherwise.