Am I just being stupid?

A little over a week ago, I met a guy. We chatted for a good 10 minutes where I made a complete fool of myself and even admitted to how much of a geek I really am, weirdly enough he gave me his number and later that night I texted him and asked if he wanted to meet up two days later. The texting is minimal until that time cause he has work, but when we meet up, our conversation is very easy. We talked about anything and everything including about family and what we want in a relationship. Three days later I meet his best friend and the three of us hang out at his place. Once again very easy going banter and conversations. We made out for a bit and things got a bit hot and heavy but he stopped before it went too far. neither of us are ready and he wants to build trust. He's also said that he likes me a lot. Since then we mostly text since he's visiting family. He's sent me pics of himself, of his brother and grandfather. He's also texted me how he wishes he misses me, how he wishes he could show me the beautiful places in his home town, how he wishes we could see each other right now. or like today how I went to see an opera and he said that he would love to see one with me someday cause he's never seen an opera before.

I really like him and at the same time, I have been hurt so many times, I'm scared of feeling so comfortable around him and how easy it feels. It's like the past couple days he's been gone, I am trying not to go all rose-goggles on him and keep level headed but instead im just going around in circles. Am I just being stupid or is there any sign im not seeing to be concerned about? Sorry for the essay long question.


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  • At first it's always nice. I'm sure like anyone he isn't perfect. But it's the connection between the two of you. It sounds like I likes you very much! And you the same. I know what It is like to be hurt. And can be very hard to let that go. Maybe after a month or so pass you can explain a bit of it to him and express how you feel. And if he is agood guy and he really/truly likes you He will be understanding.
    I always try to be open and up front. People seem to like that.

    • That's the part that scares me is how honest and open I am with him. I have really bad trust issues and before him I wouldn't really open up like this. So it's just new and I don't want to get swept up in the romance too fast. if that makes sense.

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    • Thanks. yeah sometimes i let my head rule my heart. seriously thank you for the honesty.

    • No proem!! Happy I could help!!! It's hard to find people that really care these days! It sounds like you found one! Good luck!

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  • He really likes you and he wants to make you the happiest woman ever. Give him the chance, don't let the past restrict your future!


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  • Take a chance if he is worth it. Dont let who hurt you ruin your next great guy. Good luck :)

    • Thanks for the advice. I'm really trying not to mess things up.