How to ask this guy I slept with to a football match?

I recently got out of a break up with a guy I really loved, but didn't treat me right so I needed to move on.

I met a guy on an app (I'm not a promiscuous person, had only slept with my ex whom I loved) and we decided to hang out. We ended up having sex (something we both somewhat wanted to do but didn't discuss it prior). He was a sweet guy, very attractive and we had a great time; we have a lot in common. I'm not intending to get a relationship out of this at all as I'm not ready for one after my last breakup. I'm sure he isn't intending to get a relationship out of this either as the first time we met up we slept together at his house, we didn't go on a date first or anything. I'm assuming this is a physical thing only despite us hitting it off quite a bit initially. The day after we slept together I asked him if it was a 1-time thing or if we'd hang at uni (as we're at the same uni) and he said 'no no haha I'm definitely up for chilling :)'.

We slept together a few days ago & have been talking on + off since. He's made a strong effort to keep the convo going & we've planned for me to go to his house again on Wed.

On Valentine's day (a day me & my ex had plans for that will clearly no longer be happening) there's a football match in my city for a team that me & him both strongly support, against our rival city team. This match is a huge rivalry & always great to watch and I really want to go to this match with him.

However, I don't know how to / if I should ask him to the match. We're not dating & I have never asked anyone out, so I'm not sure how to ask him. As I said before I'm not intending to get a relationship out of this, I just think it would be a fun thing to do and a good time. But I'm worried that since the match falls on Valentine's day that he will say no because he thinks I'm asking him out. I'm also worried he will say no or something like that.

Should I ask him to the match / how should I go about asking him?
Thanks so much! xx


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  • I think you should definitely go for it! :) And it's something he'll enjoy. I highly doubt he'd say no considering he has made efforts to be with you. But I think you should just be chill about it like, "Hey! There's the football match this weekend, and I'm planning on going. If you're interested, we could carpool :)"


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