It's my birthday is it to cry, I actually don't want to?

Been dating my great boyfriend for 4 months and it's my birthday today. I had a lot of work to do today so I told my boyfriend that I would not make his friends super bowl party. He went and hours after I texted to make sure he got home safely, let me know he was staying the night. I'm glad he wasn't drinking and driving but it would have been nice to see him on my birthday or at the least gotten a card, flowers, anything. Is that too much to expect without having to actually tell them to do so?



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  • 😳 Uh! Boyfriend of 4 months and he went to a Super Bowl party instead of being with you for your birthday? Did you tell him to go? You say work. Like? House work? Home work? Work that has to do with a job. Because quite frankly... If it was anything that he could have been involved in such as helping or doing... He should have definitely been there. Unles you told him otherwise.. And of course flowers, card and maybe a little gift. Regardless of what was going on.

    • I did give my approval. I had job work that I actually needed some me time to do. I was just feeling a little down after I was done with it and ended up taking myself out to dinner since he was still out with his friends. It would have been a little more comforting if he had made arrangements to send flowers or a card. I'm just not sure how to address that since it actually did hurt my feelings a little but I did tell him to go.

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    • I agree, there was a lot more he could have done. Especially since I was so reasonable about him hanging out with his friends on super bowl. I'm going to mention I like those special things (cards, flowers) and hope that makes a difference. I kinda want to feel a little spoiled on those days. Not sure if that's asking too much?

    • Absolutely, not too much!!!
      And it is always about the little things. That do the most!

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  • Change your birthday, lol. If he was drinking, most likely was, be glad he didn't try to do anything with you afterwards, because one does not need encouragement to drive inebriated. And don't worry though, for he will make it up to you tomorrow.

    P. S. If he doesn't, that's a telling sign of a jerk - 60% of the time it's right every time.

    • I'm sure he will make it up to me. I guess I can't expect him to make my wishes come true 100% of the time but trust me he's going to know what I'm looking for next year. Whether or not the super bowl lands on my birthday lol

    • Make sure he knows. Once is shame on you, twice and it's on him.
      It won't be next year though, should be in another 7 on the first; I believe that the days and dates move up one in relation to each other. February 1 is a Sunday this year, last year Sunday was the 2nd, then 3rd etc. So if you are still with him in 7, make sure he remembers lol.

  • Still pretty crappy to do, even if it super bowl Sunday... imho

  • Lady its the super bowl. Dudes were looking forward to this for months.

    • Lol except he hated both teams! I was just hoping for anything special.

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  • I don't see the need to cry but he could have done something a little special for u.
    at least a small gift or make up to u the tomorrow for a meal etc

  • That is pretty crappy.

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