Is my man of 2 years really serious or just playing?

I have been with my man for 2 years now. He moved in with me two months after we started dating. Then left and went back to Her house he sais that he has no other place and doesn't love her anymore but then why won't he come back? I'm feeling hopeless on having to battle with this broad if they are not together then why she always fighting me?


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  • Leave him. That's ridiculous.

    • That's what I feel but I love him. I don't know I'm pissed hurt confused it's a headache I know can go away if he helps

    • He doesn't feel the same way if he is behaving like that

  • Yikes, this sounds tough for you. Two months after dating is very short to move in with somebody. And why did he moved out? Did you guys fight constantly? He shouldn't moved back with his ex because you never know what could happen even if he doesn't love her.

    • He is not from out here has no family but yet has a really food job I don't know I just feel like he's playing games and I'm really tired of the bs