I'd like to hang out or date with my Peer Support helper... But I'm not sure if this is a good idea?

Long story... I married my long time girlfriend in 2013, two months later, after marriage, I find out I'm HIV +. Obviously the marriage was no longer the same, the trust was gone, intimacy was gone. Went to couples counseling but after a year of trying Wife no longer wants to be with me. Currently separated for almost 3 months and living apart (absolutely no contact). The divorce will happen by the end of the year.

Now I've gone through so much since finding out about my diagnosis and now dealing with a pending divorce. I've gone through so many phases that I'm currently in anger and accepting that this relationship is long gone... So I've been trying to find help through therapists, and now I just started seeing someone from a peer support program. It's a one on one peer support thing. The program found a match for me who happens to be a female also diagnosed with HIV with a very similar story. It's only been one meeting so far and it went great, I was feeling better after talking to her. Since she's going through similar life changing events, we both felt comfortable speaking about it. I do happen to like this peer support helper and I thought if it would be a good idea down the road to hang out with her or possibly date. I currently have up to 10 sessions to see her, it can be anytime through out the year.

On our first meeting sharing my life changing event, we talked and at the end of the session we continued to talk and I walked out of the building with her. She asked me if I had any plans for the weekend, I told her I had to work and not much... But we did talk about scheduling our next meeting the following week. I know I may be jumping to conclusions and thinking maybe she's interested in me after she asked me what my plans are on the weekend. I haven't made a move or anything, I'm not trying to make a mistake of ruining the peer support session. I'd like some feedback on this


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  • well , i guess it is a real good opportunity for you to have a hope in your life , it is scientifically proven that it is always easier to cure a certain disease when the mental health is good , and since you have been depressed for a long time , why dont you just have a new hope? , i think that you should go for it , just slow down and maybe it will be a good start for something sweet , specially that she must be suffering too , and that's why it may be great if you guys got together. Now dont take too long to respond to her request about the weekend , women get hurt by rejection , and she must already have a low steam , although i agree with you that it is too early to take her out of the sessions , just call her and ask about her so she doesn't wonder if you didn't like her , and wait for your regular sessions and then you can ask her out on a date , good luck man i wish you will be happy again <3

    • Thanks for the positive insight... I will definitely give it a try and see where goes...

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  • It's unethical.

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