Taking out my insecurity on GAG?

I live overseas and use tinder. . for dates sometimes but mostly just for swiping fun. I recently met a guy from the states on it. He's working here for a month or two before returning to America. We messaged a lot and went out last week. He messages me every day, usually a good morning and then a few throughout the day. He's got a crazy schedule and has a lot of on call shifts as well. He jumps at any opportunity to see me and we plan things well out in advance.
We really get along well but I'm under no ideas that this is going to go anywhere. I live here and he's here temporarily.

It's stupid but I went on tinder the other day to see if he's been on and he had been. And again I know it's stupid to be nervous/insecure about it because we never said we were "together" because he's only here for a short time. But my thing is... is he actually meeting these other girls and in fact just lying about working etc.

Again this is kind of just taking out insecurities on the Internet not him.


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  • That's terrible.

    • I don't know if he is meeting up with other people.
      I think I'm just being insecure about it because I've had a bad relationship in the past so now I'm super sensitive.

  • Well Distance doesn't matter... Try to know his behaviour much more deeple to see if he's player or likes you or hiding something.

    • He really doesn't seem like a player but who knows. As I said in the other comment I actually have no idea if he's going out with other people. I was just kind of venting.
      But if you were seeing someone would you still go on tinder?

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