Do I demand too much?

So lately I have dated a lot of girls and all of them imagined they were some sort "princess". It really annoyed the crap out of me and only drove me away from them.

They expected me to conquer them somehow and most of them relied on me for their entertaiment and whenever I contacted them they would always seem bored.

I asked them out and they would always seem busy and always had an attitude like they were superior to me.

So I dumped them and most of them went mad, but I just can't stand it when I make time from my busy schedule to go out with them and prepare something for them and they just acted bored or unimpressed like they magically deserved everything.

In the end I ended up being called a jerk. So what's my problem?


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  • I hope this helps, but I honestly think they are trying to play the "hard to get" card. Girls tend to think that by playing hard to get, the guy wants them more. While this works in some case, in our busy world, guys don't have time for that, like you said. You're not a jerk, you just seem to be living a life that doesn't have time for games. Those girls probably did like you on account of the fact they got mad after you dumped them. Also, those girls really just might "princesses" and they feel they desrve above and beyond what every other girl gets. But more then most likely they were playing hard to get, and it turned out you really didn't get that, did you? Lol, good luck.

    • Well there is limit to playing hard to get. Blowing him off, not answering to his messages and in general giving him the feeling that things are not going anywhere is a solid way to get dumped. Also playing hard to get only serves as a way to suggest that you have nothing better going on in your life so you want to be sure that the poor sucker loves you no matter how crappy your life is.

      I did get that she may have been playing hard to get but between someone playing hard to get, someone not interested and someone who leads you on there is not much difference.

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  • Dated some girls who were just like that, it annoyed the hell out of me.

    There was one girl who didn't even really have any hobbies, the whole date she tried to make it out like it was my job to entertain her and her job to test me.

    Homie don't play dat.

    You're not some prize to be won or placed on a pedestal, it's not my job to give you interests and hobbies and to be tested by you. You're just a human being who should have her own interests and hobbies and mutual interaction with me.

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