Will I ever get out of the friendzone with my best friend? I have fallen in love with her, what do you think I should do?

My best friend is 4 years older than me. We met 2.5 years ago and I asked her out. She said,"you're too young for me, we should just be friends." I'm 25 and she's 29, and although i moved on, lately we've been spending so much time together that I fell in love with her.

Her family loves me and I always am around the house. They invite me over all the time, or to go out. I've even slept over many nights (separate beds) and go on vacations with her multiple times a year.

The thing is, our friendship isn't normal. Many people think we're dating and always hint that we should date. Even her mom does, and now my friend doesn't deny it. She used to say, "we're just friends" when random people would refer to us as bf & gf, but now she doesn't.

yesterday we went out together and she would link arms with me, put her hand on my thigh, or grab my hand and squeeze it. It's things like this that friends don't do! Then later on she was texting some guy she met online and i got jealous. So i left & she said, "whats wrong? are you jealous?" I said no, but later when she texted me, i told her that i was jealous. She asked, "really? why? your my BFF"...

I made up some excuse that I was jealous that guys always want her and that I feel protective of her. I told her that i couldn't live without her, and she means so much to me, and she said that i am the same to her.

The other night she asked me to go to dinner with her and her family. However, I had made plans to go out with another female friend earlier that week. I told her that I couldn't go and my friend was asking "who is she? where you going?"

That night, she texted me, "we just finished dinner, are you almost done with dinner?" I ended up going over later, and she asked, "how was your date? where did you go?"

The thing is, she thought it was a date, and she was texting me to see if I was done with it b/c she wanted to spend time with me! Maybe she was jealous herself? but i never would keep text her when she went on date


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  • You have to be decisive and tell her where you stand. Otherwise, your suffering will increase. She has no problem dating guys and getting whatever she gets from you. You should do the same. Don't out all eggs in one basket...


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  • Tell her how you feel.


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  • I too was in the friendzone for 2 years. Tell her how you feel. ANd she will most likely shoot you down because if a girl you loved wanted you she would of had you by now. Tell her how you feel asap. Waste no time. Take it from someone that got out. Some girls are just complex about what they want

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