Why do girls distance themselves when they feel emotional?

Then act like everything is fine act cold when it obviously isn't. Been with this girl two years she's choosing her Family over me. moving out soon and she just acts so distance even though she assured me she wants. me when I gave her every option to end it.

throughout the time we've been long distance she seems distant and doesn't show affections or doesn't initiate contact yet she cries every other time I see her. I gave her space then she says I don't care about her. Her behavior made me think she was cheating confronted her even offered a break she assured me she would never do that. Then she accused me of doing the same. Said I know you flirt with girls and that's fine even though I don't.

I've shown her proof conversations of another girl trying to get in my pants and me rejecting her. I don't know what to do. I've told her I love her told her I'm fine I'm here she can tell me anything.


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  • Sometimes you feel mixed emotions. On one end you want this person but on the other end you don't. Then it's that whole up and down roller coaster. I wouldn't say I distance myself when I feel emotional but I do distance myself if I feel vulnerable and like I could hurt myself. That's a safety mechanism then to back away.

    • How should I make her feel less vulnerable in this situation.

    • If you've told her how you feel about her and she still acts that way then it's something she'll have to get over in her own time. You can only do so much :)

  • I'm currently in the same situation with a guy doing the same thing. When I try too much he seems to want space. When I give him space he says I don't care about him and I'm forgetting about him. He withholds affection at times but claims nothing is wrong and refuses to talk about it.

    I can only assume these type of people are insecure about something and have no idea how to communicate about it. It's very frustrating though. I'm thinking about ending it.

    • Yep if she lags on this move and keeps going at this I'm going to end it too.

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