What is a good Online dating site that is free? Pros and Cons of each site?

I've never tried online dating before. I haven't been having any luck meeting guys lately so I thought I would give online dating a try to see if it's worth it and if it's good. What are some good online dating sites that are free? And what are the pros and cons of each?


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  • I've seen some have good luck on match. Com and I have heard good things about okcupid and PoF, plenty of fish. Catholic match has good review too.

  • craigslist.

    Pros: Narrow it down by area, and it's free

    Cons: You get raped and murdered


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  • I use okcupid and it's pretty good. Of course there's a payable feature thing to it but the paid stuff is just convenience. It just has all the stuff I'd expect of a dating site and the girls on there are usually really nice. Can't speak much for the guys on there since I almost never talk to them but I have seen a few cute guys there. Oh and I love the question section on there, I answered 2500 of the questions they give to improve matches, they are so fun to answer.

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