She Said She Wasn't Ready.. When To Talk To Her Again?

I started dating/talking to a girl over a month ago. We got along great. We both had a lot in common. She was great.. one of a kind. First few dates went great. The fourth date I brought dinner to her place and we watched a movie. We made out and talked for a while. I tried taking her on a hike the next weekend but she was busy. I made plans following week for bowling and and a movie. We had a great time bowling. We watched the movie and made out.. passionately. She wasn't ready for sex and I said I would wait. That was last Wednesday. We made plans for that Friday to see live music.

She sent me a text Friday saying she wasn't going to make it and that she wasn't ready for a relationship. She said I'm an awesome guy but realized she couldn't have a relationship right now. I told if something was bothering her i would talk to her. She said nothing was bothering her and didn't want to waste my time. I told her it was ok and that it was bad timing. She then opened up. She said, "I'm sorry.. I'm just scared I guess." I asked her what she was scared of. "I just don't feel like I'm in your level yet." I asked her to elaborate. She said, "I feel like I don't know you well enough to like you as much as you seem to like me." I told her I understood that it takes time to open up and that i didn't expect anyone to open up. She said she was sorry and glad I understood. To me.. she seems to be hinting she wants to be in my life just isn't ready for anything. It's been two days and I haven't responded. Ladies.. what do you think? I really like her.. she is one of a kind. I want to still talk to her so she become comfortable with me.. but I don't want to be pushy. Sometimes I felt like making out with her was too early.. but I moved really slow in the past and got friend zoned. Should I wait for her to contact me or should I give her a few weeks to a month and contact her for casual talk?


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  • Just my opinion, by I don't think you're going to gain anything by waiting around for this girl. She isn't sure and you are putting a lot more into this then she is. For there to be balance in the universe there needs to be equivalent exchange.
    Anyways, remain her friend I guess but let her know your intentions clearly, that way you cannot get stuck in the 'friend zone'.
    In the meantime, look for other girls, she may even realize that her chance is slipping out of her fingers and she needs to grasp it.
    By waiting around, and not showing interest in other girls, this gives this particular girl the idea that she can dilly dally forever and never NEED to be with you.


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