I want to start dating. Any tips for meeting decent men?

What are some tips for meeting decent guys? Like where and how can I meet them? Should I go to certain events? What draws a man to a woman? I notice that guys don't really approach me. I think I'm beautiful and I'm a decent person as well. I think some guys may be intimidated by me.


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  • Hi. I might say some things that do not apply to you but I felt I should mention them anyway.

    Personally I believe you can meet decent guys anywhere. However what I notice of my female friends is that they can’t recognize a decent guy and always end up with some player because they see him as a decent guy. They are also much too quick with their judgment. Give a guy a real to prove himself.

    A friend of mine is very beautiful but men don’t approach her. Her problem is that she looks very serious (while I know she is a fun loving girl). But when she smiles guys do approach her. Don’t know if you don’t smile.

    Why wait to be approached? Approach yourself. Guys are very open to girls approaching them. You won’t get blown off. Maybe the guy you approach is not your type. But maybe he has a great friend.

    Good luck

    • I do smile but only when I'm laughing or having fun. When I'm walking around I just look regular. I guess I have a fear of rejection. Every guy that I have come in contact with has rejected me and didn't want to get to know me they only wanted sex so I guess now I'm afraid to approach guys because I assume that they will just want me for sex or not want to get to know me as well. I guess I fear they will just brush me off. Plus I don't know what to say to guys, I don't know how to approach them.

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      About that friend of mine. If you would see her you would understand why it would work for her. She is shy but she also has this shy and small exterior. She knows it and has this whole shy thing down to a fine art.

      Another friend of mine just starts dancing with guys in clubs. Eventually they will start to talk. Another friend just starts talking to random guys in the street as if they already know each other for years.
      Maybe try this. Walk up to a guy and say “Someone I know very well wants to talk to you but is too shy to do so. What would you advise me to tell her?”

      Whatever it is it has to feel good. What works for one might not work for another. You have to find your own “thing”.

    • Part 2

      I remember when I was about 14 I had a crush on a girl. But she would never talk to me. She just looked at me like she was annoyed and then would talk to the cool guys with a big smile on her face. 10 Years later I ran into her. She confessed that she had a crush on me but never had the guts to tell me so. She found me intimidating because I did not smile at her. And I thought the same of her.

      What I am saying is that maybe the guy you talked about thinks the same thing. Maybe other guys think that also. Lot's of times what you think of how people think of you is so much different then what people actually think of you. And often people see you much more positive than you realize.

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  • Actions and sacrifice prove a person's value. Not cheap and convenient words.

    Figure out what that statement means, and you will gain the tools to finding a good man.

    • I agree with you 100% I will definitely keep that in mind when meeting guys.

  • at the club

    • I met a guy at the club recently but it seems like he just wants to have sex with me. I'm not looking for a hookup or friends with benefits. =/ I don't know if that's a good place to meet someone for something real.

  • Go for the guys that look/act introverted. there's a lot beneath it all but make sure he can crack jokes as well. You don't want someone dry

    • So just go up to him and say something? Lol I get so scared. What do I say?

    • Well I'm pretty introverted but I can handle convos. Just have a friendly convo with him and see how it goes. That's how all relationships start

    • That's true. I guess I just have to get over my fear of making the first move. It's scary for me lol

  • Join some communities that suit your interests/hobbies so you can meet more guys and be friends with them , then things will go easier from there
    i wouldn't recommend sewing community though 😳

    • That's true. Maybe I can find some clubs or something at school. But besides school do you know places that I can go to join communities?

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    • Yes , but community is dissolved last year , most of key members is get married and move on.. i am still looking for new one , like photography..

    • It's ok. =) thank you. I will definitely look into things like this.

  • Go to nearest Church

    • That's a good idea. I could try going to church more to get closer to God and in the process maybe God will allow me to meet a great guy.

  • I'm decent, X3


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