Do we fight to much?

my gtf and i been together for the past 2 months , it is ur first relationship , and we are really into each other, but lately she´s been volatile, and angry at me for little things ( first she got mad at me because i kept correcting her , and she felt i was trying to made her look dumb , and another time she thought that a joke i made about dating other people was true ), we always talk when something´s not right, and most of the times that happens its due to a misunderstanding , but i dont know if its normal to fight this often, or if it something completly normal?


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  • Sounds to me like she is being sensitive, and probably has some kinda self esteem issue (I know I know, she doesn't, anyways), and you talking about dating others, jokes or not, pissed her off.

    Oh, and if someone kept correcting me also, I'd be pissed off too.

    Basically, the tl/dr version is: You are acting like a dick, whether you see it or not. That is based SOLEY on what you said. So knock it off.


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  • Perhaps you should stop irritating her so much...