Guy question (and girls too maybe): have you ever let life get in the way of love and lost a person because of it?

I was hanging out with this guy that I really liked and he liked me too so he says. When things started to move into dating for us, he started acting very distant. He had just been laid off and was looking for a new job, he was in the process of moving and was also ending something with someone else. I knew most of this was going on but he didn't talk to me for a long time so I just assumed he had either not been as interested in me as I thought, he had gone back to the other girl or just had fallen off the face of the earth so I decided to move on. He recently apologized explaining that everything was kind of a mess and he regrets the way things ended up between us. Would you believe him and has this ever happened to you?


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  • I think it is normal for that to happen, it never happened to me but at that time he is laid off and busy on job search , the entire job searching process is very tiring, and also moving house.

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