Is it a bad sign that we only seem to hang out when we are at a party of bar?

Met this girl about a month ago at a bar while we were both home from school. I've visited her at school now twice and she has visited me once. All in all we have hung out 5 times BUT each time has involved us going to a party or the bar--and the most recent time she told me over and over (she was drunk) that she liked me and wanted to know "what we are". I played it off partially due to the alcohol and said we are both having fun and lets see where it goes. We have hooked up so I'm not concerned about the friend zone as much as I am her thinking I only want to hang out with her when we are drinking. She mentioned during my visit that she wants me to come back up and take her to dinner but for me to drive 2 hours for an hour dinner is a little much in my opinion SO I was going to suggest to her that we go out to dinner then go out to the bars after (she and her friends go out Wed-Sat).
Will suggesting this make her think again that I'm just looking for drunk hookups or even worse that I'm an alcoholic OR will she just take it as me wanting to spend more time with her?


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