Grey hair - how much of a turn off is it?

I met a guy two years ago and we had a crush for each other at the time. We never saw each other again, but we're finally going to meet again in a few weeks.

The guy is 8 years younger for me, and I know he still fantasises about me...

In the meanwhile, I'm into my 30s now, I feel I'm in shape, but I have a lot more grey hair now than 2 years ago. It's not that I look grey, but if you look at me closely you see about 10, and if you lift my some strands up, lots of them are hiding there... you'll be able to count many more than 30 or maybe 50 grey hairs...

could this be a turn off for the guy? I don't mind the grey hair and it doesn't make me feel uncomfortable, but I'm afraid that he notices too much of a difference on me...


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  • One of the sexiest women I've ever met had grey hair!!!


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  • im 23 and have a grey streak lol
    my dad went full grey by 25 :p

    hair is one of those things that has never really bothered me in le opposite gender O_O


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  • All I can say is George Clooney <3

    • yeah but there's always a double standard for women... I wouldn't really care, I'm just thinkng about this because he's so young and he has a mental image of me 'younger'...

    • If you're not comfortable, colour your hair.. Tell him do the same.. Haa

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