A girl who has mood swings. Over?

I had constant mood swings with a guy, I'd be hot/cold EXTREMELY quick. I'd tell him how much I like him and how sexy he is, ask him to turn me on via text. He would and we'd get each other off but within a few minutes i'd suddenly say I regretted it, I no longer feel a connection. He'd get annoyed. We'd fall out. Then make up. This time he's done with me, i'm heartbroke. .. he ignores messages. It was a few weeks ago he said he was done with me yet a day earlier had been flirting and complimenting me? Is it because he doesn't like me anymore? Or he likes me but doesn't think I know what I want? ...

I've just started mood stabilizers for my bipolar and can feel my moods becoming more consistent. I haven't told him this because he's ignored a few messages and I don't want to seem needy by sending more. I'd rather explain face to face to show i'm genuine as i've apologized numerous times via text but he doesn't believe me now because i've acted this way too many times. Is there anything i can do? Give him space, time? or is it over? :(

Any guys opinions please?
Guysssssss? ss?


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  • Leave it alone. If you keep trying he's just going to get more annoyed.. If he really wants to be with you he'll come around. I suggest you work on yourself first before you try seeing someone again. If not its just going to be the Same cycle over and over