Do you believe that with everyone that you get somehow involved, and doesn't work out, you lose a part of you?

I've been in the dating thing and met some guys in the last couple of months, and when it doesn't work out I felt like I lose a part of me in the way. Does it happen to you?


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  • yes i believe in that a lot , but only with big deal relationships , not necessary long term but in those relationships which you invest feelings , if you have invested any amount of feelings during those date dates , then definitely yes


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  • If you feel like you lose a part of yourself, then it means that you were merely projecting an image of yourself onto that person. You don't lose a part of yourself. You're always going to be a whole you no matter what you do, who you meet and who you lose. It might change you, for sure, but that doesn't mean you've lost a part of yourself.
    Anyway, if I didn't make it clear enough, no. I don't believe you lose a part of yourself. You might lose a projected image of yourself and you might change a little over time due to the circumstances, but you will never actually lose a part of yourself. You're always going to be you.

    • Is comforting to hear that, and yeah, it change me in some ways, but it left me with an empty feeling.

    • Because you lose a friend/boyfriend/lover/whatever, and not because you lose a part of yourself.

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